• The illustration above shows Escher's cube 3-compound.
  • Watch a video of the new Cube 3:
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  • Watch a video of the new Cube 3:

Cisco Compliant Power Supply (CP-PWR-CUBE-3)

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The Cube 3 is a simple printer to set up; I was running the first test print within half an hour of opening the box. Much of the setup time was spent letting the printer run its own calibration procedure, in which it tests the parts and makes sure the print bed is level. Most 3D printers require you to do this manually, but the Cube 3 handles all this for you, using magnets under the print bed to detect when it is close to the print head.

The printer itself features only a power button and a 2.5-inch touch screen. From the screen, you can choose a model to print, connect to a Wi-Fi network or change the print material. This touch screen works fairly well, although it sometimes requires a sharp jab of the finger. Most of the controls are in the cloud: The Cube 3 works with 3D Systems' cloud printing service, which does most of the work. You upload your print jobs to the cloud service, which processes the file and sends instructions to the printer. The Cubify software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, so you can print from a computer, phone or tablet.


Cube 3-Compound -- from Wolfram MathWorld

Out of the box, the Cube 3 is mostly assembled. You just need to remove the packaging and install the two included black and green filament cartridges.