Always be aware of significant current events.
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Current Events: World, U.S., Science, and Business News

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Poetry about current events are relevant to our particular lifestyles. Some may choose to write about suffering and injustices that are occurring in the world and others may write about politics. Taking an interest in the world around you is a way of showing that you care about the other living things that inhabit the world together with us. Sometimes it hard to get a handle on what is truly happening with the television news and radio. With the advent of the internet, we have multiple sources to tap into in order to get a more accurate picture.

Another round of current events. This week we will focus on the gun bill, school violence, a Real-Life Star Wars, and a Presidential snub? Steve, David, and Monique debate the topics in the news.


Current Events – Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil

I deal with anxiety, particularly regarding fear of death. As a result, the only thing I've found that I can do to cope with current events is to scan headlines, and ask my understanding husband for a synopsis of events that doesn't include major triggers.