• DoctrineDark
  • A cover of trampoline (Tinee Tempah) freestyle for UK artist D DARK
  • Doctrine Dark, also known as D. Dark, is a playable character from the  series.
  • Doctrine Dark was probably based and/or inspired by ,  and  of  fame.

Blood of the Watcher (The Dark Ability Book 4)

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There are only 3 other things in the universe that reliably increase over time: information, entropy, and the average complexity of living organisms. What if dark energy is basically information, and as time passes it increases the space, i.e. the number of alternate paths anything can take (and thus dark energy), and so provides variations in complex chemical systems that can be tested by selection and end up with life and intelligence? So time is just the making room for information, and the plot thickens.

On the subject of dark matter. It seems like it might need a better name. Because when you say dark matter I think most people visualize something like a lump of coal or volcanic rock. But from what I am reading Dark matter bends light but it does not block light. So really it is more like invisible matter. Though why do we think that dark matter and dark energy are different from each other? Back to my stretching a bunched up sheet apart analogy, if space can expand, like just out of nowhere grow, then maybe it can also get bunched up, and that is somehow bending light. Perhaps that makes less sense than the other thing I said.


D Dark - Man Of The Century [Music Video] | GRM Daily

Wizards of the Coast today. It does not directly effect Dark Sun fans...yet. If/when Wizards decides to put out Dark Sun, it sounds like it could be available for fan use on the .