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Illini Loyalty: The University of Illinois


The Daily Illini staff completely changes once per year, known as "turnover" in the DI offices. "Turnover" means the current group of editors (editor-in-chief, news editors, sports editors, opinions editors and features editors, among others) finish their tenure at the DI in their current editing position, and a new group of editors fills these positions. The new editor-in-chief is chosen by some members of the IMC, and then the editor-in-chief chooses all of the other editors that will work under him/her.

The Daily Illini confirmed that error was, in fact, an accident. The Daily Illini has taken steps to reach out to cultural centers on the U. of Illinois campus to talk to the staff about reporting on issues in relevance to underrepresented communities.


By Austin Baird Assistant design editor, The Daily Illini

At first, I felt relieved to believe New Orleans had dodged the bullet, but when the levees broke, the horrors began to unfold. I recall watching people wading through waist-deep flood waters on Canal Street. There were news reports of looting. One Daily Illini reporter was outraged seeing Walgreens burglarized.