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Sophie (Daisy Haggard): I've labeled the food and sort of numbered it. Craig Owens (James Corden): Sophie, you don't need to number food. Sophie: It's just a suggestion. Craig: I can cope on my own! Now please go and have a rest. You need it. I love you. Sophie: I love you too. And thank…

The Doctor: No, Amy. It's definitely not the fifth moon of Cinda Calista. I think I can see a Ryman's. Sophie (Daisy Haggard): Craig, what's that on the ceiling? Craig (James Corden): What's what on the ceiling? Sophie: That. It's coming from upstairs. Who lives up there again? Craig: Just some bloke. Sophie: Ugh. Now…


Daisy Haggard played in the televison stories , and .

Uncle follows Andy (Nick Helm), a dissolute out-of work musician who forges an unlikely alliance with his 11-year-old nephew Errol (Elliot Speller-Gillot) after being morally blackmailed into looking after him by his chaotic sister Sam (Daisy Haggard). Not a natural with either kids or responsibility, Andy tries to keep his new charge out of trouble whilst being knee deep in it himself.