• by Dallas Willard
  • Dallas Willard and John Ortberg
  • Joshua Choonmin Kang foreword by Dallas Willard
  • Phillip E. Johnson foreword by Dallas Willard

The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In God


We offer two lecure series presented by Dr. Dallas Willard at the Valley Vineyard Church in Reseda, CA. Each is unique and a profound addition to Dr. Willard's legacy.

Dr. Dallas Willard gave a lecture series on the process of redeeming the human heart. These amazing lectures reveal Dr. Willard's views on the profound truths of human nature and its restorationthrough the teachings of Jesus Christ. No longer do people have to "settle" for managing their sins and stuffing destructive thoughts and impulses.


Dallas Willard on the greatest saints.

In the end, those of us who adhere to the historic orthodox Christian faith recovered by the Protestant Reformers must reject these man-centered delusions of Dallas Willard. And what is more, we also agree with DeWaay as he shares the following conclusion regarding Willard and Foster’s spurious spiritual formation: