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  • can anyone tell me where i can get Dan Byrd CD s?
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  • 丹·伯德 Dan Byrd(Daniel Byrd)生日:1985年11月20日,出生地:美国乔治亚州玛丽埃塔。...


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In 2008 Danny Byrd's debut studio album was released on Hospital Records, including notable tracks like Shock Out, Gold Rush, Weird Science and Red Mist. Red Mist VIP, a new version of the latter track, appeared on Hospital's compilation Sick Music and has appeared in the film and computer games and .

Danny Byrd is a popular club DJ. Danny Byrd has been touring nonstop, taking him from Los Angeles to Paris, from Romania to Vienna, as well as at Hospitality nights all over the UK. In January 2009 he mixed the Hospital Mix 7 album.


Dan Byrd Photo credit: Nikki Nelson

For an actor who claims not to enjoy horror films as recreational viewing, Dan Byrd certainly has racked up his fair share of genre credits. Yet, despite prominent roles in such high-profile frighteners as Firestarter 2: Rekindled, Mortuary, and The Hills Have Eyes, young Byrd also managed to build the foundation for a successful television career and squeeze in roles...