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  • Held at the David Bohm Society Archive: Yes.

Wholeness and the Implicate Order


A few months after J. Krishnamurti’s passing in early 1986, friends of David Bohm who lived in Ojai asked him if he would consider holding a weekend seminar there on the grounds of the Krishnamurti Oak Grove School. He agreed, and thus began a series of annual seminars that would last until 1992 when Bohm himself passed.

The co-exploration of consciousness by the unique spiritual figure J. Krishnamurti and world-renowned theoretical physicist David Bohm took place in a series of more than 30 investigative dialogues. The purpose of this website is twofold: To underscore the historical significance of their shared vision; and to perhaps correct the many misleading characterizations of their relationship that have been circling on the web since their passing—including those inferred in the Bohm biography Infinite Potential.


Held at the David Bohm Society Archive: No.

David Bohm, the son of a Jewish furniture, was born in Pennsylvania on 20th December, 1917. He studied physics at Pennsylvania State University before completing his doctorate under at the University of California.