• or David Gedge
  • David Lewis Gedge (born 23 April 1960, in , []) is an English musician and songwriter.
  • David Gedge: It was just the way it went.
  • David Gedge: It was nice, actually. We played  once, at our official showcase.

The First Time I Heard Joy Division / New Order

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The Wedding Present have since kept themselves busy (as to be expected from the prolific David Gedge) with the release of Valentina in 2012, a full tour showcasing their full Seamonsters work, and have released a book documenting the making of Valentina and their 4-track download release. Melz caught up with David Gedge (frontman of both The Wedding Present and Cinerama) in the lead-up to the release of the record. Hopefully still relevant today, here is that interview, in anticipation of The Wedding Present’s forthcoming UK tour…

David Gedge: Well, half the audience are journalists or DJs or agents, from all over the world. It’s more about business, in terms of getting the word out on the new LP. I suppose we’re here to promote our new album.


The Wedding Present. David Gedge.

David Gedge: It’s always been like that. We all lived in Leeds, then I did Cinerama, my other group, for a few years, but then when we started doing The Wedding Present again, we had someone from Finland, a Canadian drummer, and our previous bass player was American. Our current bass player is Swiss, she lives in Brighton. Charlie just moved to Berlin a year ago. We’re all over the place, really. Our new guitarist grew up in Hong Kong. It’s been a very eclectic mix over the years.