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  • Photo: David Manners (Marcus Blechman, 1946)
  • Source: David Manners first published book entitled, Convenient Season.
  • Morris Minor Traveller & Morris Minor Commercial at the David Manners Group
  • Black Morris Minor restoration project at the David Manners Group

Death Kiss, The

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On 12th July 2016 the David Manners Group hosted our annual Mini Spares Open Evening. As usual the weather could have been better, however, it could have (and has previously) been a lot worse! The sun made an appearance a couple of times and the rain held off; not after a lunchtime downpour mind you!

I’m sure that back in their day, you could stop in most towns to buy Morris Minor Parts. These days, places like the Morris Minor Centre at the David Manners Group are few and far between. However, it’s flattering to become a pit stop for the Norwegian contingent of the Morris Minor Club. They were on their way to the Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre for the Morris Minor Show yesterday and stopped at the David Manners Group for some last minute parts and to show off their excellent Morris Minor Commercials and Travellers.


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Manners is certainly a very bad actor, as Le Gallienne said, but he’s bad in such a distinctive way that he sometimes creates the curious “what is that?” feeling engendered by a truly great performer. It all comes down to the ineffable David Manners way of talking, which is a matter of emphasizing every single syllable of every word he speaks in exactly the same weighted yet airy way. He makes everything sound strange, suspect, empty. Manners’s performing style is so completely divorced from recognizable human behavior that it often has an eerie quality, and this would serve him well in his well-known excursions into the horror genre, Dracula (1931), The Mummy (1932) and The Black Cat (1934), where he seems almost as creepily alien, at times, as the headlined stars, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.