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  • David Offner is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA.
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Design Homology: An Introduction to Bionics


A co-production between Bootleg and the REPO Division, "Doomsday" makes its intentions clear immediately. The parachute-dominated lobby sports riffs on the central theme by multiple noteworthy artists. This provides context for the plays that unfold on designer David Offner's storeroom-contoured set, starting with Clay Hazelwood's "Who Is Randall Maxit?"

He is survived by his wife, Hazel; and three sons, Larry of Ontario, Canada, Kevin of Washington, D.C., and Randall of Urbana. Also, by three grandchildren, Lindsay and Carolyn in Ontario, and David Offner II in Washington, D.C.


David Offner - Community for Pittsburgh Ultimate

Yes, it turns out that not even the “Real Housewives” series is a new frontier — although Luce’s negative female stereotypes are better written. At Theatre West, on a pretty set by David Offner, Arden Teresa Lewis directs with a light hand, cutting back the original army of a cast to a not inconsiderable 18, playing up the funniest exchanges and marching as briskly as possible through the cumbersome plot (which even so begins to drag in the third hour).