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  • @ Chris, So David Servan Schreiber does give “some good advice” I bet you like picking cherries.
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Multi vor fi dezamagiti. „Daca si David Servan Schreiber, care aplica principiile din cartea scrisa de el, s-a imbolnavit, inseamna ca astea toate nu merg deloc.“

Thank you for your perspective. What I was trying to do in the blog is to explain what the label does and does not mean. It may be too late to undue whatever stigma is attached to the label of schizophrenia but I do try to explain it carefully to my patients. If we had included the label “nervous breakdown” in the diagnotic nomenclature, then by now that label would also be infused with the beliefs that you cite above.
I am currently reading a book by a former friend and colleague, David Servan Schreiber, about cancer and the ways the body can protect itself from cancer. I will probably write more about this in a blog. But one thing it brings to mind is that we have an underemphasis on studying people who have recovered from psychosis. I believe that Coriina West has mentioned this. I also belive that Elyn Saks is stydying this at UCLA.


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@ Chris “These folks find control….” There it is in black and white in the New York Times and you still dont get it. Its not a case of whether David Servan Schreibers HYPOTHESIS,is right or wrong its about me being control of my life and illness not you, not Orac, not David Servan Schreiber. I sleep good, enjoy my life and dont have all that anger inside of me, you guys seem to have. Being happy is what is important, quality of life is far more important to me than quantity. You may see it differently, opinions are like noses we all have one.