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No Excuses: Growing Up Deaf and Achieving My Super Bowl Dreams


A HEARING-IMPAIRED nine-year-old girl has written a touching letter to deaf Seattle Seahawks player Derrick Coleman saying "I know how you feel."

My husband, Jeff (who is an enormous Seahawks fan), found an article about deaf Seattle Seahawks player, Derrick Coleman, he forwarded it to me and we thought it was an amazing and inspiring story. Later he found the recent Duracell battery commercial featuring Derrick, and also sent me the link. Sam watches that commercial over and over and over. As soon as it ends he jumps up and down, claps and says, “Again, again!” He feels very proud to have a hearing aid now that he sees that Derrick Coleman, who is an incredible athlete, has them too. He yells out, “Derrick, you’re my hero!” Sam adores his hearing aid and willingly wears it every day.


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