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Debt of Honour

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Jack Ryan defends the USA against economic sabotage from the East that escalates into war in Tom Clancy's record-breaking Sunday Times No 1 bestseller - now reissued in a new cover. It begins with the murder of an American woman in the back streets of Tokyo. It ends in war...Called out of retirement to serve as the new President's National Security Adviser, Jack Ryan quickly realizes that the problems of peace are fully as complex as those of war. Enemies have become friends, friends enemies, and even the form of conflict has changed. When one of those new enemies readies a strike not only at America's territory, but at the heart of her economy, it is Ryan who must somehow prepare an untested President to meet the challenge. For there is a debt of honour to be paid - and the price will be terrifyingly high...

Yamata's motivation lies in his desire to pay off a Debt of Honor to his parents and to the country he feels is responsible for their deaths—America. All he needs is a catalyst to set his plan in motion.


Debt of Honour eBook by Vernon Siebert - Kobo

Debt of Honor seeks to understand the societal perception of soldiers and the wars they fight, exploring the repercussions of the growing divide between civilians and those who serve. Above all, it seeks to build a new bridge between military and civilian cultures in the United States, to inspire an important dialogue about how Americans treat their veterans, and to impart a message of compassion and mutual understanding.