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(1913 and 1828) once defined spinster in two main senses: "1. A woman who spins, or whose occupation is to spin. 2. Law: An unmarried or single woman."

But 80 years later Bolick still thinks of herself as a spinster, even though for her the word is so metaphorical as to be almost meaningless. For Bolick, spinsterhood is quite compatible with dating (she is seemingly never not dating), cohabiting, and even marriage. Ultimately Bolick defines spinsterhood as an identity available to any woman, married or single, who sometimes feels suffocated by conventional cohabitation and who has decided to prioritize me-time: “For the happily coupled […] spinster can be code for remembering to take time out for yourself.”


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Unfulfilled. By definition spinstersdo not have what ‘true’ women have (i.e., husband and children). They are alone in life, waiting for the scraps from the tables of others. In Summertime (1955) Katherine Hepburn portrays a stereotypical Americanspinster who travels to Venice looking for something that is missing fromher dull, lonely existence. She wants to let loose and find out whatshe is missing so that she can go home with a sense of what life couldbe like. She falls in love with a man, and is devastated when shelater finds out he is married. But she is so desperate for romancein her life that she overlooks society’s disapproval to gain a once ina lifetime experience.