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Delta Sleep System 2.0


The works by coaxing our brains into the deepest level of sleep, delta sleep, so that we can relax and rebalance our bodies appropriately. In fact, the Delta Sleep System CD Set was researched at the Royal Ottowa Hospital Sleep Disorders Center in Ottawa, Canada and was found to be 95% effective with pathological sleep disorders and chronic insomnia.

Contrary to popular belief, it is delta sleep that is the "deepest" stage of sleep (not REM) and the most soothing. It is delta sleep system that a sleep deprived person's brain desires the first and foremost. In children, delta sleep system can occupy up to 40% of all sleep time.


Delta Sleep System 2 CD Set - Serenity Supply

Play Delta Sleep System on any ordinary stereo or through headphones. Pulses of sound embedded into an ambient musical soundtrack, combining rich orchestration and three-dimensional sounds of nature will coax your own brainwaves toward their natural pattern of deep delta sleep.