• The Design byME Team
  • Sculptured nail designs by me!!!!
  • Sculptured nail designs by me!!!!
  • Sculptured nail designs by me!!!!

Design by Me: Treats


Lego Design byME was created for people to build and experiment with virtual Lego bricks. This is done on a program called . Models are uploaded to Design byME on the , and creations can either be shared with the world in the gallery or purchased as a custom Lego set.

When purchasing models from Lego Design byME, the price was significantly high compared to store-bought Lego sets, leading consumers to believe that the prices were unreasonable. However, the price was divided into a few different parts. These are listed below:


Miss Pooja Wallpaper 2014 - Designed By Me

Over the years, we have also added other simpler customized building experiences like Hero Recon Team. However, the overall Design byMe experience has struggled to live up to the quality standards for a LEGO service. The feedback from Design byMe users has taught us that we would need to rebuild the entire setup of Design byMe to fix this. This would only make the service too expensive.