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Development First


‘Development first, democracy later’ is a bold, persuasive and timely narrative demonstrating the risks if we continue to side-step politics in our work. History and theory are brought to life through the author’s first-hand experiences as she analyses the international development community’s own political economy and the dilemmas in putting democracy firmly on the post-2015 agenda. Certain to spark debate, this book is essential reading for development practitioners.

“Development First, Democracy Later?” explores how politics and democracy plays out in reality in Africa as the major aid-receiving continent. It points to the seriously challenged political situations that aid countries engage in. Moreover, it looks at the Paris agenda aid modalities from a democracy perspective. It illustrates the on-and-off relationship with democracy concerns in the aid system. In addition, the book points to the challenges of aid, which are too often, based on a wrongful assumption that development comes first and democracy only (hopefully) later.


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