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  • Devon Sawa (swoon) I was in love with him for a short while...then I discovered Josh Todd...haha
  • Devon Sawa — one of my first "teeny-bopper" crushes haha yep
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Idle Hands


Devon Sawa: Sure, absolutely. I look at Owen like the male Nikita; they're both from division, they're both trained assassins, and they both kind –

Devon Sawa: Yeah, I really kick ass. And I do all my own stunts, and it's a lot of fun, and you know what I kind of go off into the world, and I got my own thing going on, and I'm helping Nikita out, and that's the Maggie Q character.


devon sawa as owen on nikita! ;)

Junior is a father! Devon Sawa has welcomed a baby boy, his rep confirms to Us Weekly. The Nikita star's wife Dawni gave birth to their first child on Thursday, Jan. 9.