• Die Emptypage 215
  • What works for you? How are you working to create your masterpiece so you can “die empty”?
  • “Die Empty” might sound fatalistic, but it’s not—it’s about hope.
  • Image adapted from the cover of Die Empty by Portfolio / Penguin Group.

Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day


3. Die Empty isn’t the first community art project you’ve been involved in setting up- Ashcan comic is also one of your babies. Tell us what drove you to start Ashcan. What were some of the challenges involved?

4. What inspired you to be so involved with Die Empty? What do you hope to gain from starting up and exhibiting with Die Empty?


It’s because I want to die empty.

“Ultimately, your life will be measured by what you gave, not what you received. Don’t hold out on the rest of us—we need you to contribute. Spend your life building a body of work you will be proud of. Engage today with urgency and diligence. Plant seeds every day that will yield a harvest later. Tomorrow is only an unfulfilled wish, so live and work as if today is all you have. If you do, you will be able to lay your head down each night satisfied with your work, and in the end, you will die empty of regret, but full of satisfaction for a life well lived.”