• Title: Dirty Love (2005)
  • Dirty Love, “Editors’ Pick”, Nov. 2013, AudioFile Magazine, Portland, Maine
  • I just want your dirty love (I just want your dirty love)(Dirty love, dirty love)
  • Dirty Love, a “2013 Notable Fiction” pick, The Washington Post

Dirty Love

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Jenny is one of the most famous Playboy Playmates of the 90's. She hosted the MTV show Singled Out and has starred in her own TV shows The Bad Girl's Guide and Jenny as well as in such films as Dirty Love, Scary Movie 3 and BASEketball.

As part of his series ‘Dirty Dirty Love’, created images of a married couple and their everyday routine in bed. Negrón explains: ‘Sex is all too often exploited which distorts the reality and universal value of the act. Instead of raising questions about the moral application of sex in art I wanted to focus on the act itself – the choreography and elegance inherent in the simultaneous motion of two bodies.’ We find great beauty in his pictures that highlight an act that is so mundane and delicate at the same time.


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(Ah) So sick of the good boys, need a wild boy
Something unpredictable
Go ahead and be a caveman
Give me all your dirty love
(Ah) No time for the right one, I need the wrong one
Something unreliable
Go ahead and be a caveman
Give me all your dirty love (ah)