• Disney Vinylmation 3" - Urban Redux series 1 - Ninja
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Disney Vinylmation Collectable 3" figure Animal Kingdom, Safari Pooh

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Even though Disney Vinylmation has grown to become such a large success, one has to question whether or not it is truly here to stay. Think back to pin trading, a prominent activity done in the parks for many years. Yes, pins are still sold and collectors trade, but is it as popular as it once was long ago? I think the answer is that it is definitely not. Could Vinyls be headed towards the same fate? It appears to me that once pin trading reached the height of its popularity, it quickly fell off of the cliff to submission. Pins were everywhere. You could find them in every style, shape, color, or theme imaginable. Now, it seems like Vinylmation has hit this level. Disney is even encouraging fans to trade just like it did with designated pin trading events held at the and Marketplace. Will we soon see the end of this little plastic figures? I guess only time will tell, but for now, I’m on the hunt for the next Vinyl to add to my collection.

Image: Disney Vinylmations are tiny collectibles based on Mickey Mouse’s body. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Some are limited in edition while others are readily available at your favorite Disney Park.


Disney Vinylmation- Have A Laugh Series- Clock Tower

The has added new Disney Vinylmation figures to order. The new Vinylmation figures are based on characters from Toy Story 3.