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DIY Pinhole Camera,Solargraphy Kit for Ages 12

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Photography is something we’ve a lot of time for here at The Coolector in its various different guises and we always take a keen interest in the technology deployed to capture great photos. Well, it’s not always the case that you need a high-spec, top of the range camera to take great pictures and, sometimes, it pays to go back to basics and that is an ideal that is admirably captured by the VIDDY DIY Pinhole Camera which is currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter.

While spring-cleaning my room recently, I found a DIY pinhole camera kit I got from Hong Kong two years ago. This prompted me to recall the I was working on. That sparked a brainwave: why not merge the two?


DIY Pinhole Camera - FLUX Hawaii

Have you ever been interested in using a pinhole camera? Well now might be your chance. has started a of one such DIY pinhole camera. She calls it the VIDDY.