• Football field dedicated to DJ Henry
  • DJ Henry remembered at memorial Mass at Iona College
  • Grand jury hears from DJ Henry's father, friend
  • Easton legislators back federal probe into DJ Henry’s death

The Skilled Reader (4th Edition)


But Beckley’s account was never made public by former police chief Louis Alagno. Four years after the killing of DJ Henry, his family is concerned that the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office only revealed to a grand jury what they wanted it to hear.

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Car driven by DJ Henry (WBZ-TV)

Hours after the scene cleared, eyewitnesses packed the police headquarters to give their accounts of what happened, and Beckley and two other officers squeezed into the only space available, a small supply room, with their lieutenant, Brian Fanelli. Beckley told Fanelli he shot Hess because he thought Hess was an aggressor. Beckley wasn’t sure why Hess “had placed himself in front of that car.” Fanelli told him not to worry because he didn’t shot Hess, but rather, Hess’s knee was injured when DJ Henry sped into him with his car, which is why Hess had to shoot into the car in the first place.