• Mastering Django Web Development
  • Mastering Django Web Development shows you how to use advanced concepts to help you build professional grade Django applications.
  • Learning Django Web Development will help you build a solid foundation for constructing your own web applications as quick as it gets.
  • We do Python/Django web development. We work on several components including facebook API, social registration, social share, payments etc.

Web Development with Django Cookbook - Second Edition


We at MicroPyramid challenge ourselves by breaking our own records in Django web development. We work primarily on python development projects that range single user to SaaS applications. Our services are focused towards agile, secure, performance and scalable development best practices. Web development outsourcing projects are our primary focus and we deliver in time with excellent support post deployment. we are sharing gaining our knowledge in python Django web development outsourcing by open sourcing our code that is accessible to everyone to enhance their outsourcing applications. Our team share knowledge and engage in several open source software modules to help python Django application development services. Our expertise lies in , , , Elastic Search, Ansible, Docker, , PostgreSQL, MySQL, Less and Scss.

We can help out during all the stages of Python & Django web application development - from strategy, requirements capture, paper/html prototyping, specification, information architecture and usability; to server and client side development, MySQL or SQL Server databases, accessibility, web standards, hosting and technical deployment.


Django Developer | Django Web Development Company - Anubavam

Welcome to a Django web development with Python tutorial series. Django is a Python web development framework, aimed at rapid development and deployment.

One of the more common questions people have is "which framework" they should use. There are quite a few for Python, with Django and Flask being the two most popular.

Flask is more of what we call a "micro" web framework. It is much "lower level" than Django is. This allows for more customization and control for the developer.

Django is much more of a higher-level framework, and imposes a set structure on the developer.

Thus, with Flask you can create systems your way, which is probably not most efficient, fastest, or secure way. With Django, you are a bit more constrained, but you are going to most likely do it the best way possible. As with almost all questions people ask me regarding which to use, the answer is: Try a few, and choose the one you like best. In the end, Django and Flask can be used to make the exact same websites!

To try Django, you need to get Django first (you will also need Python installed). This is exceptionally simple:

pip install Django

Text-based tutorial and sample code: