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DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences


I'd been wanting to listen to this book, but so many of the Consciousness study books bog me down with physics, philosophy, or science and I have quite a few that I am having to go back to again and again and still haven't finished because I either can't comprehend them or they are eye-glazers.

Thankfully, DMT The Spirit Molecule is written in an easy-to-understand narrative style. Of course, like many of the "left-brain" MD or PhD authors, the first few hours of the audio book are spent laying out a scientific and educational foundation on the topic to be covered. Defining terms, giving the history, and current state of things . . . then getting to what happened in their own work.

As with other books I've read by researchers, there is a lot of bureaucracy and some politics involved with studies done in areas at the edge of the accepted norm, and it is amazing any meaningful research ever gets done to push the "cutting-edge" out further. The frustration translated to me, the reader/listener. And, it is a similar theme to Candace Pert's book Molecules of Emotion, another book called The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, and Science Set Free by Rupert Sheldrake.

The experiences the DMT injected volunteers related upon "return" were interesting. I had heard descriptions before of some of the entities, but never of "spider people" - yet the day after I finished the book I saw a photograph of some ancient rock art and there was one of the entity types I had previously heard of, and which were mentioned in this book, AND there were some drawings of entities that could be called spider people.

The narrator made this book easy to listen to. And the writing was great, with a human touch and interesting personal reflections. Unlike some of the other scientifically-written Consciousness-related books I've bought I was able to finish this in 2 days, because the writing is so interesting and understandable, while other books have languished for months.

and also the living Dr. Rick Strassman, author of “DMT The Spirit Molecule,” that we may explore the biology of near-death (and death!) the evolutionary opportunities available to humanity now for re-animating the necessity of conscious kinship.


VOD release of DMT: The Spirit Molecule in Oct 2011