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Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners


Realpolitik….Why not to go totally in Metternich spirit and tell to Mr Putin : “OK Mr President we absolutely accept Crimean anexation was Russia’s right move. Now give us a few dollar discount on Urals oil barrel price we buy from Russia as our reward” He would give you this, I’m absolutely sure. And You would hear many nice words from him about how he likes doing business with you. Disgusting? Why? And where is the border between disgusting and not in realpolitik?

In mid-2010, best-selling author Dan Brown and noted immortal Nicolas Cage teamed up to follow the trail of the dodo and uncover its secrets about 2012, the end-times, the location of the dodo’s gold bullion, the result of Super Bowl XVIII (less useful now that it would have been if Cage had started his search a few decades earlier), and an incredibly detailed description of Jonathan Lipnicki.*


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Por ejemplo,cuando un átomo de Uranio se desintegra y pierde dos protones se convierte en un átomo de Thorio. Mira la tabla periódica, el torio (Th) se encuentra dos posiciones a la izquierda del Uranio( U).