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Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?


Reading “Do You Have the Guts to be Beautiful” will alter the very way in which readers look in the mirror, and provide them with more detail than even their doctors can give them from the fanciest and most expensive tests.

After two decades of buying expensive beauty products, I am so excited to treat myself with recipes that are friendly to the environment and safe for my skin. I am amazed at the results I have received in just three short weeks and will continue to use Dr. Daniels simple and affordable regimen. Thank you, Dr. Ray, for sharing this valuable information with all of us. --Heidi Beard, Gig Harbor, WA

WA I have spent over 30 years searching for 'simple' health. My diet has always been a challenge to me, and I would frequently experience fatigue, bloating, and indigestion after meals. Thanks to the whole food nutrition, the Green Drink, and the liver flush, I have never felt more alive and energized! I appreciate the weight loss as well--14 pounds in the first 35 days! My husband, Darrell, lost 16 pounds during the 10-day liver flush, and a total of 23 pounds in the first 35 days, even though he couldn't be totally faithful during his travels. The natural beauty regimes are not only easy and fun, they're inexpensive. I threw away all of my expensive non-edible makeup and my skin is glowing! Thank-you, Drs. Ray and Daniels for sharing this timely, 'self-care' message with everyone. You have truly blessed your readers! --Judy Strickler, R.N., Clovis

It has been over ten years now since I received a riveting diagnosis of hepatitis C. In that moment, I decided that it would not win. I took charge of my health, committing to nutritional and lifestyle changes that would allow me to avoid pharmaceutical treatment if at all possible. Cleansing with fasts and colonics was an obvious way to support my liver. Little did I know that the changes I was making in order to survive would reward me with increased energy and radiant skin. What might have killed me has made me more beautiful. My viral load that first numbered over a million was last read at 7,500. I attribute this to listening carefully each day to what my body needs and wants. I have found Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful? to be a loving adjunct to this daily dialogue. Like Drs. Ray and Daniels in their helpful guidebook, may we each claim an outer beauty for ourselves and for our planet that comes from deep within. --Patricia Cannon Childs, Nashville, TN


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