• Doctor Fate is a character from DC Comics.
  • Doctor Fate (Vol. 1) In-House Ad (1987)
  • From Doctor Fate (Vol. 1) #4 (1987)
  • From Doctor Fate Annual (Vol. 2) #1 (1989)

Doctor Fate Vol. 1: The Blood Price


The opening issue which introduces a talking cat along with hinting of plenty of old magic and mythology which suggests Doctor Fate may could struggle to find its own peculiar corner of the DCU. I'm curious to see if he flourishes or flounders. For fans.

Doctor Fate#1 isn't a terrific issue, but it isn't awful either; it's just OK. It's an archetypal story told with new characters in a new place. Hopefully, we'll see a bit more creative storytelling as the comic goes on. There's potential forthe character of Doctor Fate and I hope they take full advantage of the vast and wondrous world Khalid has been forced into.


Doctor Fate was a member of the after the .

After John sends her back upstairs, Doctor Fate declares, "She pulled that coin from behind your ear." Constantine agrees but Fate clarifies that it was no sleight-of-hand. "That coin did not exist in this tower before that moment in time."