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The Doctor's age was a matter of great confusion, largely caused by his own statements. The once gave his age in Earth terms as 450 (: ). On two separate occasions, the implied that he may have been several thousand years old. (: , ) The , however, gave his age as "something like 750 years". (: ) Immediately after his sixth , his claimed to be 953. (: ) considered himself 400 years younger than the , who was purportedly 1200 at that time. (: ) The claimed to be 903. (: ) Also, at least prior to leaving and behind, (: ) the Eleventh Doctor maintained an age less than his seventh incarnation. (: , )

Genetic material from the Doctor in his tenth incarnation was used to create a daughter, . The Doctor explained to Donna Noble and Martha Jones that due to the way his was processed, he was Jenny's "biological mother and father". Although initially spurning her, he soon considered Jenny his daughter and invited her to travel with him in the TARDIS. Before she could join him, however, she was shot. The Doctor believed Jenny to have died, and departed. Unbeknownst to him, she survived, and set out on her own life of adventure. (: )


The Doctor in his blue suit, hands in pockets and eyebrows raised.

Internists provide complex medical care to patients dealing with both common and chronic illnesses. Working in offices or hospitals, internists diagnose and treat diseases that impact the circulatory (blood), digestive (stomach), cardiovascular (heart), respiratory (lungs) and endocrine (kidney) systems. They also perform wellness checkups, provide preventative care services, and may treat patients facing other issues, including substance abuse or mental health problems.