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• A group of open source software executives are President Obama on the value of open source technology. Signatories to an open letter to the president include Stuart Cohen, the former head of OSDL, now CEO of the Portland-based Collaborative Software Initiative; and Don Klaiss, CEO of onetime Portland company Compiere. From their letter:

Donald Klaiss, Oracle's senior vice president of applications development, disagrees. He says that CPG was completed and that Oracle supports the software today. "We had an aggressive plan with our software partners to build integrations between the different pieces of CPG, and those were all built,'' Klaiss says. But former customers claim that Oracle did fail to finish CPG, and that failure cost them millions. "Millions thrown down a rat hole," says one former CIO and CPG customer from the food industry who declined to be identified. Of the three CPG customers interviewed for this story, two abandoned CPG altogether and replaced it with ERP systems from competing vendors. Another customer, Paragon Brands, a nappy manufacturer, is pursuing litigation against Oracle, and still another, Tri Valley Growers, a farm co-op in California, ended up in bankruptcy after spending millions trying to get CPG up and running.


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Don Klaiss joined HP's Microwave j Systems Lab in 1973 after receiv-| ing a BSEE degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He received his MSEE degree from Stanford University in 1975 and is currently pursuing an MBA at R Santa Clara University. He has H been involved in the design of j several HP products including the | 8542B Automatic Network Analyzer and the ARS-400 automatic spectrum analysis and receiver system. He had major respon-. sibility for HP-MCL firmware design forthe 2240A Measurement and Control Processor. Don is now responsible for measurement and control firmware development at HP's Data Systems Division. He has published technical articles and is a member of the IEEE Computer Society. Don is single, lives in Mountain View, and enjoys tennis, volleyball, camping, music, theater, and playing piano and