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  • Don Paul Beckmann, age 78 of North Platte, passed away February 24, 2014.
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Everybody's Outdoor Survival Guide: The Green Beret Team Concept Inside Information

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Meteorologist Don Paul, who has been on Channel 4 for 26 of his 29 years in the Buffalo market, has agreed to a new deal that will keep him on the air for three more years.

The changes in the Channel 4 weather department that started Monday certainly make it appear that the long-term future of veteran meteorologist Don Paul is at the very least cloudy, with a chance that he is headed off into the sunset in a year or two.


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In early 1976, Sgt Don Paul was called to active duty as a Green Beret. Whilejumping into the Panama Jungle at night from 1,000 ft. both parachutesfailed---which brought his Special Forces career to a sudden halt. He became aChristian and continues to work for various fundamental churches.