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  • Dr. Robert Dost, who has practiced in the Woodbridge and Lake Ridge area for over 30 years.
  • Have you visited Dr. Dostis before?

Mujhse Dosti Karoge! (English Subtitled)

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Representative RobertDostis, a Waterbury Democrat, is slated to take a management job at GreenMountain Power Corporation beginning in mid-August.

Dostis -- chairmanof the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee -- dealt with severalpieces of legislation important to G-M-P during his time as chairman. Heannounced last month he was not seeking re-election to the Legislature, andresigned his chairmanship this week.


But Dostis said the money would go toward reducing rates.

Dostis remembers printing articles about things that caught her attention. She would watch television news and find something interesting — “whatever was going on around the world that I felt everyone in the school should know about,” she said. She also reproduced fashion tips, crossword puzzles. “We would include just a page with song lyrics that were hot at the moment,” she added.