• (pencil drawing portrait)
  • In this video lesson, you will discover how to draw a portrait using classical drawing techniques.
  • A fail proof technique to draw stunning portraits from pictures or photos
  • Hollar draws portraits, faces of people to be exact. She remembers taking art in high school, but she did not study it in college.

The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head


The final touch in this case has been adding a bit of texture to simulate skin pores and to harden the image. I am not going to refine the portrait more than that as the point of the the tutorial was really about creating an effective grid on the picture we want to draw a portrait from.

With your grid in place you have a solid foundation to start drawing the portrait. I would start from the face and draw the shape of it as in the picture below.


Charcoal Drawing Portrait'7 by mehmetcaglar on DeviantArt

If you want to practice drawing portraits of people, this tutorial from is invaluable – it tells you all about how to create texture, volume and style!