She drive me crazy, and I can't help myself.
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  • Don't you know you drive me crazy?
  • Don't you know you drive me crazy?
  • Don't you know you drive me crazy?

Drive Me Crazy

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Often when a teenage actress reaches her twenties she's anxious to leave off the schoolgirl roles and try something different, so one might have thought it would take something special to get Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina...," "Clarissa...") back in the classroom again. I can't believe that this movie was it, though. It appears to be an attempt at the "sophisticated" style of teen dramedy made popular by movies like "Clueless" and "Cruel Intentions" and TV shows like "Dawson's Creek," but this film is clearly not in the same league with those, mostly because of a listless script. "Drive Me Crazy" is more likely to put you to sleep than to arouse any emotions suggested by its title. The intentions may have been good here, but the execution strikes me as simply uninspired. There's nothing much at all to recommend it.

Britney made an appearance in Sabrina the teenage witch where it was discussed that Melissa Joan Heart appears in her video. The song was used in Melissa Joan Hearts movie ‘Drive Me Crazy.’


Drive Me Crazy“You think you’re so James Dean, Chase!”

In DRIVE ME CRAZY, high school seniors Nicole (Melissa Joan Hart) and her next-door-neighbor/childhood pal Chase (Adrian Grenier) now travel in different crowds. She loves to cheer on the school basketball team and is planning the school's 100th anniversary dance. Chase is a rebel, protesting the mindless conformity of his classmates, too cool to support anything at school. When Nicole is unsuccessful in getting basketball star Brian to the big dance and Chase is dumped by his girlfriend Dulcie, they agree to pretend to be dating to see if they can make their respective heartthrobs jealous. Nicole gives Chase a makeover at Gap, and then they each visit the other's turf. They are surprised to find themselves enjoying each other's environments and friends and enjoying each other. It turns out that they're the ones who get jealous when Brian and Dulcie take the bait.