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My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut


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You probably recognize Hannah Hart from her alcohol-infused web-series about cooking, "My Drunk Kitchen," but after all of the SOPA drama in the past ...


My Drunk Kitchen: Vancouver..."French Toast"?

If you’ve never cooked while you were drunk before, or maybe you did and just can’t remember, you are truly missing out on a wonderfully interesting experience. But hey, not everyone is a master in the kitchen, and avoiding heat sources when drunk is usually a pretty good idea. Luckily, there is a way to see what a drunk person cooking looks like, and it is pretty hysterical. Youtuber and drunk chef Hannah Hart has the art of drunk cooking down to a science. In this latest installment of “My Drunk Kitchen,” she is tackling the all time favorite fall ingredient: Pumpkin! Not only do you get to kind of learn how to make yummy pumpkin fritta-tas (aka fritters), you also get to enjoy 7 minutes of clumsiness, cheesy jokes and drunken antics. And what’s even more amazing, the result of her efforts look absolutely delicious! Just kidding, they are burnt, but she was hammered after all. If all cooking shows were like this, Sunday morning programming on the Food Network would be a lot more interesting.