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The major difference between a gift card and a prepaid card is that prepaid cards are reloadable while gift cards are not. can also be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted, while most gift cards can only be used at particular stores. There are, however, MasterCard gift cards and Visa gift cards, which can be used anywhere, but they typically have additional fees relative to a store gift card.

Many of us receive gift cards from relatives and friends that we never plan to use. Time Magazine reports that “about $65 billion is spent on gift cards in the U.S. annually, and $6.8 billion of that is never redeemed”!! If more people were aware they could cash-in those gift cards or trade them for a retailer of their choice, maybe more of that money would be used! Here are Six Places you can Sell Gift Cards Online.


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Free gift cards online can be received in different methods and the result which arrives from most of them are best and fun related. You can also keep the cards for yourself or provide them as gifts. But you should know where to get these free gift cards online. Methods in which you can get the cards are through playing quick win sweepstakes, redeeming gift card points, changing prescriptions online; earn free printable grocery coupons, entering contests on the blogs, working online surveys and for availing search engines. Other locations online where you can get free gift cards are expos, trade shows, online bank offers, online contests, and participating online groups, subscribe to the mailing lists, joining online firms which will assist you to make cards or cash and experiment the goods and get free gift cards line in return. Shopping online with the reliable online retailer is also another method to get a gift card. Certain online shopping websites offers their gift cards in the way of points if you purchase some amounts. It is the method to save cash in the next purchases also.