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  • found on the limestone island of öland off the east coast of sweden

East of Sweden: Live at Melloboat Festival 2008


So what does O’Brien think will enable East of Sweden to stand out in a town loaded with indie post-punk dreampops? “I think it’s the style of the music. It is powerful rock with big sounding guitars, and a locked in rhythm section which is not ordinary for a three piece. People are amazed at the sound we project from so few musicians. The tracks also seem to identify with people. The music is rock at its core, with dancey undertones that make people want to groove along.”

The lineup for Bonkfest includes Tiny Telephones, Secret Fun Club, East of Sweden, and DJ Mike Delgado (Ese' & Zain).


Christina and her boys are on point

East of Sweden is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Next time your Saab is in need of care, give us a call and give your car the best treatment in the area. Also, keep our number in your glove box. Should you breakdown on the road, East of Sweden can send parts anywhere in the country, at down-to-earth prices.