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Echoes of Brown: Youth Documenting and Performing the Legacy of Brown V. Board of Education with DVD (Teaching for Social Justice Series)


"Echoes of Brown: Youth Documenting and Performing the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education" was filmed in 2004 during the 50 year anniversary of Brown. An education classic featuring youth from New York City area public high schools, Michelle Fine, Ronald K. Brown and Sonia Sanchez (to name a few) this documentary is still widely distributed today through Teachers College Press.
Directed by Markie Hancock

Engage your students in participatory action research. Whether you're studying the history of Brown or discussing issues of diversity and racial equality, this multi-media resource is an invaluable teaching tool. Integrating a book and DVD, Echoes of Brown features a performance by a diverse ensemble of youth from suburban and urban schools who speak back to the victories and continuing struggles for justice and democracy in public schools. This rich resource creates a series of echoes on America's long history of yearning, betrayal, victory, and relentless desire among young and old for educational justice. The DVD includes video of performance, teaching resources, complete interviews, and more.


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