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Eden of the East: The Complete Series (Classic) [Blu-ray]


One thing that I have always liked about Eden of the East is their approach to technology. In the movie they use a fictional program called Airship which is a VOIP application for mobile devices that makes secure phone calls. It’s a lot like Skype on mobile devices which only just enabled VOIP calls over data connections. The augmented reality image searching stuff that was introduced in the TV series is still a cool idea and something that we could see very soon in reality.

So what happens in the movie? Akira finally gets his memories back from his childhood and learns about his American connection. Eden of the East is under investigation for the links to Akira who is portrayed as a terrorist in the media. And the game finally comes to a sudden end in a rather anti climatic fashion. Basically Akira broadcasts to every cellphone in the world a final message, he rallies the NEET’s to a new purpose and urges the older generation to give up some control and put more faith in the youth of Japan.


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Eden of the East is a fine example of the mystery genre executed beautifully, and it’s one of the few shows that is captivating from the get go. However, as the story progresses and evolves, it not only becomes more complex, making commentaries on politics, society and the corporate structure in Japan. Aside from the slightly off-putting obsession with “Johnnies”, the script is excellent. The mystery throws up its fair share of memorable cliffhangers, particularly towards the end, but its strength is in the relevant commentaries that come from the various themes that are put out. At several points the anime analyses public opinion in the face of terrorism, political and technological upheaval. Eden of the East is at its strongest when it is criticising the rigidity of the corporate culture in Japan, and its requirements of loyalty and how the more creative and innovative individuals are held back and eventually cast off by the established system.