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National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)


Grant Wiggins is one of the most important education thinkers, with a unique and logical point of view on a fundamental aspect of school -- assessment. In this expanded second edition, Wiggins and co-author Jay McTighe convincingly turn the traditional assessment model on its head. Instead of creating curriculum and then figuring out assessment, they argue that we first determine what kids should learn, second how we're going to assess that learning, and only then design curriculum to enable students to pass. Not many education books crack the top 1,000 in Amazon sales, but this one does. Enjoy!

John Dewey's 1916 book on the interrelationship between education and democracy is as important, as it approaches its centennial, as it was when it was first hailed as a master work. The modern reader of education books will find the sweep and clarity of Dewey's approach to be a refreshing break from the highly specialized and jargon-filled books being churned out today. With no hesitancy, Dewey declares his topics to include, "The Significance of Geography and History," "Educational Values," "Theories of Knowledge," and "Theories of Morals." An essential text for the complete education library!


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