• Egyptian Book of the Dead
  • Concept:The Egyptian Book of the Dead provided instructions for a mythicjourney from this world to the afterlife.
  • Egyptian Book of the Dead: Written by scribes and illustrated by artists,this series of books was like a map to the Afterlife.

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I've loved ancient Egypt ever since my childhood days of hanging around the Egyptian floors of the Walters Art Gallery and the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Tales of Ancient Egypt, a children's collection of Egyptian myths by Roger Lancelyn Green, was one of my favorite books at age seven. By junior high I was chewing on Budge's antiquated translation of the The Egyptian Book of the Dead. While working on an MA in Mythological Studies, I've had a chance to review more scholarly and recent books on Egyptian myths and legends.

Raymond O. Faulkner's translation of The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a museum-quality presentation of the "Papyrus of Ani," a lushly-illustrated New Kingdom edition of the classic Egyptian text buried with the dead as a guidebook to help them reach the blessed afterlife.


Egyptian Book of the Dead Lesson - Art History - KinderArt

The EGYPT BOOK includes complete instructions, patterns and full color photos to create:
Short Sword
Nile Spear
War Club
New Kingdom Bronze Axe
Crescent Axe
Pharaoh’s Belt
Neck Armor
Wrist Armor
Egyptian Shield
Money & Pouch