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Elder Sign


Like Arkham Horror, your team is attempting to keep one of the Elder Gods from waking up by finding enough Elder Signs to keep them out of the world. You do this by investigating locations, which also gives you perks like finding Common and Unique Items, Spells, or Allies. In fact, if you’ve played Arkham Horror, these cards will feel perfectly familiar to you. It is the goal of your team to use abilities to their fullest potential and to help each other to beat these locations.

Gameplay: Players take turns exploring different museum locations or investigating different museum attractions then encountering the event that is taking place at that location or attraction. In order to succeed, a series of tasks must be completed, some cards have 1 or 2 tasks while some others have 3 or 4. Monsters can appear which alter tasks and can even add extra tasks (one time we had 6 tasks on one card; 3 from monsters, it was a bad day in the museum). players must complete all the tasks on the card in one turn or else their efforts were futile. Players can work together by being at the same location and “focusing” die results which pretty much means you can lock in a die result for future use. The player whose turn it is can focus one die, and 1 other person on the same location can focus a second die. Spells can also be used to lock in dice results for future use as well. There are also 2 special dice which can only be used through items but these give players a high chance of success. On top of these mechanics, there is also a clock which represents the 12 hours that the museum is open. After the clock strikes midnight each night, players are to assume their characters left, that something happens in the museum, and players arrive back at the museum at noon the next day and immediately go to where they left off the night before(no one has to move their character its just to explain why the clock only represents 12 hours.) Now there is something new to investigate. And the game continues until players either obtain enough elder signs or the ancient one awakens and the final showdown occurs (or players are unprepared and just get slaughtered.)


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Face untold horrors in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic weird fiction. Try to keep your sanity intact as you collect Elder Signs in an attempt to seal away unspeakable creatures before time runs out! If the Ancient One is able to fill its Doom Track, it awakens, and the investigators and museum alike are obliterated by the unstoppable monstrosity!