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  • The Gospel for Kids, Series a – Unknown binding (1977)  by Eldon Weisheit
  • Eldon Weisheit
  • Eldon Weisheit

Gospel for Little Kids


Eldon Weisheit in (Augsburg, 1980), brings in a packet of instant soup and some hot water. First the pours the powdered soup into a bowl and makes ready to eat it – wait! That’s not very good. It’s not soup yet. Then the pours in the hot water and makes soup. He brings up the valley of the dry bones and God telling Ezekiel to speak to the bones and make them live. It was the hot water that made the soup; it’s God’s power that makes alive.

Eldon Weisheit in (Concordia, 1974), brings in a pair of lamps and one light bulb. To start, only one of the lamps is plugged in. We’re going to test the lamps to see if they work. So we put the bulb in the lamp that‘s plugged in. It works. Now we put the bulb, which we know is good, in the other lamp. Why doesn’t it work? We find out it’s not plugged in. So we plug it in. It works. Lent is about checking our lives. Do we have Jesus’ spirit in us? Are we forgiving?


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