• Ellen Barkin also appeared in off-Broadway plays.
  • Photo of Ellen Barkin and Ben Masters in ''Eden Court'' (Peter Cunningham)
  • Ellen Barkin has starred in films such as The Big Easy, Switch and Drop Dead Gorgeous.
  • How to get Ellen Barkin to answer your letters? All the secrets revealed!

Ellen Rona Barkin (born April 16, 1954) is an .

Too low to display

Ellen Barkin– the one who was once rumored to be dating the A-lister celebrity George Clooney, is actually one hot actress. At 60, this woman still has the guts and confidence to flaunt her ever-sophisticated and alluring physicality by just being fashionable.

Ellen Barkin seen from behind as she sits up in bed naked, partially covers herself with a sheet and then steps into the kitchen, where we see her bare butt as the sheet hangs down. Hi-res DVD capture from .


Ellen Barkin - Biography - IMDb

IF it really were possible to give the kiss of life to a corpse, the actress Ellen Barkin would be the one to do it. In ''Eden Court,'' the moribund play that has brought her to the Promenade Theater, Miss Barkin is tantalizingly alive from her bouncing blond ponytail to the long legs that gyrate wildly and involuntarily every time an Elvis Presley record plays on stage. Then there is that gleaming, empathic face. If one of Miss Barkin's fellow actors is crying, her brow weeps along with the sufferer. Let someone else laugh, and her eyes dance upward in joy like the tiniest and lightest of balloons. Better still is Miss Barkin's own, mellifluously deep-seated laughter, which may be even more musical than Elvis's golden oldies.