• Suburban Home Enchanted Collection
  • Suburban Home Enchanted Collection
  • Suburban Home Enchanted Collection
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The Enchanted Collection: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty, The Wind in the Willows, Little Women (The Heirloom Collection)


The Simple Stories Enchanted Collection is perfect for your little princess. This collection includes new products like wood veneer, clips, chipboard frames & washi tape. Add these to their paper pads, journal cards and stickers for an "enchanting" look to your layouts, cards, etc. Everyone deserves a little happily ever after.

There is the Rolling Noir and Rockstud Rolling collection that features a punk-rock theme with beads and studs in different colours. Also available is the Astro Couture collection, if you’re after a more romantic and elegant version of the bag. Finally, the Enchanted Wonderland collection is all about natural elements with volcanos and star stripes in the most colourful display.


MAC Enchanted Eve Collection for Holiday 2015

The Enchanted Garden Collection will bring beautiful light and color to your images using easy one-click presets. Customize your own signature style using quick post presets, and finish your image with our Mini-Brush Collection for that perfect one-of-a-kind look. Your Spring photo sessions will be infused with soft, sunny light and beautiful bright color.