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  • Let us take for illustration an example of English to Russian translation of a title of a known movie:
  • As a result of the increasing amount of Russian speakers, we get a lot of requests for a range of English to Russian translation services:
  • 24 Apr 2015 … English to Russian jobs in translation, proofreading, interpreting, data processing and in other fields.

Biology of Cognition and Linguistic Analysis: From Non-Realist Linguistics to a Realistic Language Science


Behind only the USA and China, Russia’s military spending is astronomical at over $90bn and is 4.4% of its GDP. We realise the need for sensitivity from your English to Russian translation service provider is imperative. We have developed a huge body of work in this area and have significant experience , having translated and summarised political risk analyses for several leading security consultancies in the past.

Russian online gaming has surged in growth at over 240 percent in the last two years, and has reached a market value of $900 million. At TranslateMedia we have a and in terms of volume; our main English to Russian gaming translation work is translating direct English email marketing into multiple languages in a short period of time.


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The English to Russian dictionary gives the help and support you need to expand vocabulary and use words correctly.
A necessity for travel. Communication has never been this easy or fun! English Russian Dictionary Application is for the English speaking users who need Russian Dictionary to help them in their study, travel or day to day business. This English Russian Dictionary Presents real Cyrillic alphabets for Russian words in Russian. Start using after first download of Application in the mobile phones or the Tablets supported by Android OS. The English Russian Dictionary includes everything you need to communicate and learn a foreign language. With its unsurpassed language management utilities, the dictionary offers over 40,000 pre-recorded phrases spoken aloud using True Voice human pronunciation. This is nothing less than a Perfect Dictionary App for Russian/English learners, translators, students… It contains the most comprehensive database out there with a very intuitive user interface. You will be satisfied! Just download and enjoy it! Just imagine, you'll never be on the wrong side of the language barrier again! This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray to help the developers.

- Beautiful Background and colors of text.
- As you type the alphabet it show the relevant words in search bar.
- It saves the recent searched words and save them in history.
- The text size and colors are adjustable and changeable.
- Favorite words can be saved in Favorite section to repeat for study purpose.
- The searched words can be shared through messages, email etc.
- For the translation, enter a word or phrase in the search bar.
- Aggregation of more than 40,000 often-troublesome words and their language translations.
- Outstanding bilingual dictionary and engaging vocabulary teaching tool.