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The comprehensive nature of "Agricultural and Environmental Science Dictionary" places it well above the competition. This accurate and accessible dictionary includes not only thousands of terms used in agriculture, soil science, animal science, agricultural engineering, environmental protection, and related fields, but also numerous biological, chemical, and health terms, facilitating communication between scientists and practitioners and bridging the communication gap between these subjects. "Agricultural and Environmental Science Dictionary" contains terms unique to these subject areas, terms with multiple or specialized meanings and usages, and familiar terms that have a specialized usage in a given field. The material is organized in traditional dictionary form. Each term is listed in bold type followed by a designation of usage and, where possible, its derivation from a source language. Definitions are supplied as needed to cover the usage of the word, and are carefully worded for accuracy, clarity and completeness. Students, academics, practitioners, and policy makers in all areas of the agricultural and environmental sciences will find "Agricultural and Environmental Science Dictionary" to be a vital resource. his text provides an accurate and comprehensive dictionary of terms used in the agricultural and environmental sciences, it includes many biological, chemical, and health terms that are important for a full understanding of the subject fields. Presenting thousands of entries, many not found in similar dictionaries, this new reference contains the latest, most up to date definitions and designations of usage in the fields of agriculture, soil science, animal science, agricultural engineering and many more.

The lingo of soil science is a language unto itself. Soil and Environm ental Science Dictionary is a glossary of terms used in soil and envir onmental science, including terms from related disciplines. Designed f or teachers, students, researchers and others interested or involved i n environmental sciences related to soils, this compilation includes a ll terms and definitions from the current Canadian Society of Soil Sci ence (CSSS) glossary as well as from various other sources such as the Soil Science Society of America and the Soil and Water Conservation S ociety. Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary defines terms accur ately and clearly for professionals working in areas such as agronomy, building construction, civil engineering, forestry, environmental sci ence and planning, geology, hydrology, petrology, and plant science.


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