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  • The eRenterPlan offers liability-only coverage as well as traditional renter’s insurance for apartment residents for a monthly premium.
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ER - Enter at Your Own Risk : How to Avoid Dangers Inside Emergency Rooms


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RenterProtection can integrate with eRenterPlan renter’s insurance, which is LeasingDesk’s primary insurance offering. RenterProtection is automatically activated when a resident’s renter’s insurance policy has been discontinued, providing owners with seamless coverage from exposure to risk.


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CARROLLTON, Texas, June 28, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Nasdaq:), today announced that LeasingDesk®, its wholly-owned subsidiary and leading provider of risk mitigation systems for the multifamily industry, is introducing eRenterPlan renter's insurance to the single-family market, making affordable policies and extensive protection available to renters and property owners. The program can be accessed through a simple online process on the Tenant Portal within Propertyware - a subsidiary of RealPage and leading web-based property management solution that offers software and services to single-family rentals and low density, centrally-managed multifamily housing.