• Max Harrison, Charles Fox, Eric Thacker
  • Max Harrison, Charles Fox, Eric Thacker
  • Max Harrison; Charles Fox; Eric Thacker
  • Harrison, Max and Charles Fox and Eric Thacker [introduction by Max Harrison]

Pounds Destroyed, A Life Rebuilt: The Believe 2 Achieve Journey of How I Conquered My Demons and Food Addiction To Restore My Quality of Life.


On May 31, 2013, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that a family who had waited to begin homeschooling their five children until after the public schools were in session was not guilty of truancy. Eric Thacker and Gail Morgan-Thacker were accused of violating the Nebraska compulsory attendance law in 2011 because they waited until November of that year to start homeschooling. They were each charged with five counts of truancy (one for each child).

Wokker was created by two men, both with writing and drawing skills: Eric Thacker (1923-1997) and Anthony Earnshaw (1924-2001). They had been friends since their teenage years in Leeds, and we can trace Wokker’s genesis and early years via their surviving correspondence, and via more recent (1980s-90s) autobiographical notes by Earnshaw plus comments from Earnshaw’s friends and family. The most interesting source is a pile of letters between the two pals that includes doodles, sketches, poems and illustrated envelopes. It attests to the unusually close bond between them - and even though they lived close-by, the letters are often dated a few weeks apart (the correspondence remains unpublished).


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Southridge's Eric Thacker, left, and Dante Dotterweich listened to their coaches at halftime of Friday night's game against Forest Park at Raider Field in Huntingburg. The Raiders won 42-6.